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Aaliyah D


• Lengte: 74 cm. 
• Maat: 72 Europees 
• Jeansmaat: 74 Europees 
• Schoenmaat: 16 
• Haarkleur: kastanjebruin 
• Kleur ogen: Bruin 
• Geb.: 04/01/2017 
• Leeftijd: 
• Taalcode: Nederlands 
• Look: Exotisch 
• Bouw: Fijn 

Aaliyah D

01 Baby | a Foto- en film |

This is Baby Aaliyah, she’s born on 4 january 2017. She is a very funny baby! Always with a smile on her face and is very social. Very interested in new things. Photographers likes to work with here. Very easy to take pictures of.
If you have any other questions you can ask!

..-Exotische, goed lachse, energieke baby, fotogeniek-..

* Thuisshoots
* Fotoshoot Alfred Kika

Alfred Kika is a specialised and experienced Kid Model Agency in Belgium that does casting for photo models and actors. Alfred Kika is gespecialiseerd in Kindermodellen in België en doet castings van fotomodellen en acteurs.

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